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Making Uganda the grain basket of the region

The Grain Council of Uganda (TGCU) is a non-profit, membership organization registered in 2012 and brings together key stakeholders along the grains value chain. TGCU strives to have the Uganda grains sub-sector becoming more efficient with effective players who will make Uganda grain more competitive.

TGCU is a platform for collaboration and coordination of activities in the grains sub-sector. It was formed to address the challenges that afflict the Uganda grains sector which include but are not limited to:

  • Limited availability of quality inputs.
  • Poor and inconsistent volumes of quality grain.
  • Poor and inadequate grain storage and processing facilities.
  • Poor Post-Harvest management
  • Informal and unregulated grain trade.
  • Non enforcement of grain quality standards.


A Uganda that feeds the region and is the preferred source of high quality grain in East & Central Africa.


Championing efforts to make Uganda the Grain basket and leading supplier for East & Central Africa’s grain needs through raising productivity, assuring food security and promoting regional trade.

TGCU has grown around players and stakeholders with broad experience in the grain sub-sector in Uganda, and a wide network of contacts across the country.