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Joining TGCU is purely voluntary. Members joining the council will be those that are engaged in activities along the grain value chain. Grains shall be cereals, pulses and oil seeds. Any member wishing to join the council will fill a member application form and attach a copy of their certificate of incorporation of their organization/entity.

A. Active members

These are members who are involved in the core activities on a regular basis.

  • Farmers
  • Input Dealers/Suppliers
  • Farmer Based Organizations
  • Grain traders/exporters
  • Processors

B. Affiliate members

These are members who join as representatives of different categories of players in the value chain at a national level:-

  • Financial institutions
  • Collateral managers
  • Quality Analysis Laboratories
  • Superintendents
  • Warehouse operators
  • Commodity Exchanges
  • Government partners
  • Development partners
  • Insurance companies
  • Transporters, and another related support service

Upon joining the council, a member is expected to pay their membership fee. Each subsequent year, they shall continue to pay the annual subscription fees as shall be agreed upon in an Annual General Meeting. Once a member is paid up, they will be able to enjoy all member benefits

PlatinumGoldSilver Bronze
Membership fee500,000500,000500,000 500,000
Annual Subscription6,000,0003,000,0001,200,000500,000